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As efforts to increase knowledge and insight Builder Scouting in order to build students' achievement of the purpose of the Scouting movement needed education and training (kursus) to improve the quality and quantity so as to know and understand and have a sense of the Scout Movement so conscious volunteer to help both morally and materially to the implementation of education and training in the Scout Movement. Moreover, also expected to appear Scoutmaster who have experience in scouting and understand the basic idea of ​​scouting.
In line with the, on the basis of Kemendikbud RI (Ministry of Education and Culture) in an effort to implement Curriculum change 2013 the Scouts made extracurricular required. The following elements of change:


For the Scout Movement Frontline 02113-02114 Prabu Siliwangi Racana-Rara Earrings Karancang Base Siliwangi University will hold Scouting Skilled Builders Course Level Policy (KMD) Its main target is the Scoutmaster and Student Guidance and Counseling.

The theme of this activity is "Sincere Bring Linwood Build Implements Courteous Nations". Activities will be held on Fri `at – Week Date 31 Mei s.d. 02 June 2013 and 07 s.d 09 housed on the campus of the University of Tasikmalaya Siliwangi Jl. Siliwangi No. 24 Tasikmalaya.

For further information contact:

Racana Gerkan Pramuka Universitas Siliwangi: www.pre-unsil.blogspot.com

Secretariat : Gedung Trigatra Universitas Siliwangi Jalan Siliwangi No. 24 Tasikmalaya.


By: Humas-Unsil

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