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31 August 2013, 2396 Views

To see the list of groups P2SPT 2013 Please Login to menu http://simak.unsil.ac.id. Feedback Student Identification Number (NPM) and Password (default) is the Date of Birth, example : 21121991 to the birth date 21 Month December Year 1991. Then the group can be seen on the menu Student –> 10 Display Status of Students. Choose Semester 1 Then Click the Button Show. Congratulations to follow the activities of P2SPT 2013/2014. Thank you.

  • Bersdasarkan policy of the Ministry of education and culture that, registration extended CPNS to date 4 October 2014, then the following additional attendees registered data PAINT the TUK Kemdikbud CPNS 25 Siliwangi University Tasikmalaya. Schedule for additional participants: EVERYONE LIKES CAT will be held on Tuesday the date 14 October 2014 start 08.30. the Lab is housed. Partnership Engineering Faculty […]

  • The signing of the cooperation with the National Sports Committee of Indonesia (KONI) Tasikmalaya
  • In order to realize functions of Tri Dharma Universities namely, Education & Teaching, Research and devotion to society. Univeraitas Siliwangi (UNSIL) as Universities continue to do various efforts to encourage the development of Nations and countries that are performing with the cooperation of various parties. Monday, date 6 October 2014 housed in the building of Siliwangi Uiversitas Mandala and Sports Committee […]

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