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31 August 2013, 2825 Views

To see the list of groups P2SPT 2013 Please Login to menu http://simak.unsil.ac.id. Feedback Student Identification Number (NPM) and Password (default) is the Date of Birth, example : 21121991 to the birth date 21 Month December Year 1991. Then the group can be seen on the menu Student –> 10 Display Status of Students. Choose Semester 1 Then Click the Button Show. Congratulations to follow the activities of P2SPT 2013/2014. Thank you.

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  • SBMPTN participants who have already declared at the University of Siliwangi can do online registration and payment UKT until the date 28 July 2015 o'clock 15.00 Pm. The registration of Independent Selection Unsil extended till date 27 July 2015 O'clock 24:00 Pm. Schedule of implementation of the independent selection is extended into a date 27 July – 6 August 2015 Pm. Card and Schedule […]

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